【H1】Support Agreement with Mori Building

The Comprehensive Management Capabilities of Mori Building

Consistent capabilities in planning, development,management and operation

Consistent Capabilities in Planning, Development, Management and Operation

Mori Building Co., Ltd. has cultivated employees with expertise and accumulated know-how over the years by collectively and single-handedly handling all areas, including land acquisition and planning and development, design and construction supervision, tenant recruiting and facility operation and management. Mori Building has built a system that consistently provides services such as coordination of interests, negotiation with governments, large-scale, multi-functional developments and operation and management of such, and provision of high-level services and flexible handling of high-end tenants. Its property management capabilities backed by a solid track record enable flexible operation and management, as well as speedy response to the various needs of tenants required in large-scale, multi-functional development.

Consistent capabilities in planning, development, management and operation

Project Management

Comprehensive coordination inlarge-scale redevelopment projects

Construction Management

Independent order placements under comprehensive in-house management

Property Management

Proposing more comfortable productive office environment sand more affluent urban living

Town Management

Coordination of town branding and promotional activities

Mori Building brand firmly established in office market

Mori Building Brand Firmly Established in Office Market

Attributes of Office Services

By having employees themselves handle coordination of custom-made offices and day-to-day handling of tenants with the support of the entire company, Mori Building provides security and satisfaction to tenants and builds long-term trust relationships with them.

Extensive Office Support

Mori Building not only provides various facilities that support business, but also offers a range of support services, including assistance for the daily lives of office workers and an environment designed to ease techno-stress.

Restaurants Convenience stores Coffee shops
Pharmacies Medical clinics Photo shops
Spas ATMs Business convenience centers
Post offices Conference rooms Travel agencies

A Business Support Network that Creates New Possibilities

Mori Building has provides community information on various facilities, stores and events in Minato-ku and surrounding areas and such through the members-only portal site “eHills Club.”


"MORI LIVING"- A leading brand in luxury rental residences

"MORI LIVING"- A Leading Brand in Luxury Rental Residences

Salient Features of MORI LIVING's Diverse, High-quality Housing Services

Mori Building provides high-quality and detailed hospitality services for enjoying urban life at various life stages under the “MORI LIVING” brand, centered on rental housing operations in Minato-ku.

MORI Living
For details, please refer to the MORI LIVING website.