Environment Initiatives

Environment Management System

Environment Management System

In order to move toward the realization of a sustainable society, MIM builds and operates its own Environmental Management System (EMS) to continuously address various environmental issues.
MIM operates and reviews EMS through the "Sustainability Committee" which is responsible for planning, framing, promotion and management of sustainability initiatives in general.
<Organizational chart of Sustainability Promotion>

<Conceptual diagram of PDCA cycle>

<Outline of Environmental Management System>
Environment Management System
  • 1-1. Company Mission and Environmental Policy and Position
  • 2-1. Purpose and Operation of Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • 2-2. Sustainability Promotion System
  • 3-1. Priority Activities and Environmental Performance Targets
  • 3-2. Sustainability Promotion Program
  • 4-1. Talent Development/Capacity Development
  • 4-2. Communication with Inside and Outside
  • 5-1. Monitoring/Measuring/Analyzing and Recording of Environmental Performance
  • 5-2. Review of Sustainability Promotion Program and EMS