【H1】Support Agreement with Mori Building

Addressing Safety

Addressing Safety

Mori Building Co., Ltd. pursues high seismic mitigation performance to cope with possible large-scale earthquakes and ensure reliable disaster countermeasures under the concept of “a city to escape into rather than a city from which people run away”. This philosophy encompasses properties that the company develops, manages and operates, especially from the standpoint of consideration for safety.

Earthquake-resistant Features

Mori Building proactively adopts the latest optimal seismic countermeasures such as vibration suppression structures and seismically isolated structures for each property, and promotes construction of buildings that are earthquake resistant.

Earthquake-resistant features

Seismic Damping

Damping reduces earthquake magnitude of oscillation by approx. 20%

Seismic Isolators

Seismic Isolators reduce the magnitude of oscillation to approx. 1/2 or 1/3 especially in case of big earthquake

Other Disaster Countermeasures

Mori Building establishes anti-earthquake facilities such as disaster-prevention wells and supply storage facilities, as well as emergency power generation systems, and implements disaster countermeasures such as comprehensive earthquake disaster drills to prepare for emergencies, together with structural aspects of disaster countermeasures.