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R-1 PREMIUMMoto-Azabu Hills

Moto-Azabu Hills

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Exellent Environment Ideally Located in the "Three-A" Area

Moto-Azabu Hills is located on a hilltop in a quiet, relaxed, and exclusive neighborhood in the "three-A"(Azabu, Akasaka, Aoyama) area of Minato-ku. Moto-Azabu Hills is comprised of Forest Tower, Forest Terrace East and Forest Terrace West

Facility Features

Facility Features

"Forest in the City" where city and nature harmonize

  • More than half the site, the rooftop and balconies are covered with greenery.

High competitiveness

  • Moto-Azabu Hill’s iconic design, excellent views, and optimal location make it one of the city's highest ranked buildings.
  • Benefits of MORI LIVING's diverse services such as Hills Spa, sky lounge, wine cellar and 24-hour bilingual concierge service, etc.

Superior earthquake resistance

  • Seismic isolation structure (Forest Tower and Forest Terrace East)

Building Layout

Building  Layout



Property name Moto-Azabu Hills
Location Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Completion May 2002 (Forest Tower, Forest Terrace East)
Number of stories 29 above ground, 3 below (Forest Tower)
6 above ground, 1 below (Forest Terrace East)
Gross floor area approx. 54,006m2
Total leasable floor space approx. 1,325m2
PML 0.57% (Forest Tower)
1.27% (Forest Terrace East)
Seismic isolators (Forest Tower)
Seismic isolators (Forest Terrace East)
Disaster control-related
Emergency generator, disaster control well, disaster supplies
Information MORI LIVING
This property is part of the"MORI LIVING"lineup, a premium residential apartment brand operated by Mori Building Co., Ltd.For details, please refer to the MORI LIVING website.