Social Initiatives

Initiatives with Employees

Initiatives with Employees

Policy and Approach

Problems concerning human rights and labor have become global issues and, in Japan, the rectification of long working hours and the promotion of women and elderly people have become social issues as the labor force shrinks alongside a declining birthrate and aging population.
We believe that employing diverse and excellent human resources and supporting the continued development of their abilities is not just a source of competitiveness for the company but also the duty of the company towards its employees.

MHR and MIM respects human rights and it is our policy to not discriminate employees based on their beliefs, religion, age, gender, origin, mental and physical disabilities, etc.

We will work to establish a diversity-oriented working environment where our human resources can be active. We will introduce multifaceted systems and measures so that each and every employee with diverse lifestyles and values can maximize their abilities and continue their career healthily and safely as they themselves grow.

Health and Safety of Employees

Safety and Health Management
Safety and health management regulations are set up and a plurality of qualified persons such as hygiene promoters and fire and disaster prevention managers are placed in the company to establish a system for employee safety and health management with regular inspections at normal times and ensuring safety when there are emergencies.
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Through twice a year interviews between the CEO and employees, we conduct awareness and satisfaction surveys on career paths and working environment.
We listen to employee ideas of how to improve organizational structure and daily operations and make use of what we learn in business improvement. Both parties achieve a deeper mutual understanding in the conveyance of information on company policies and systems, and productivity in operations is enhanced.
Health Checks
We conduct health checks once a year which cover more than the number of items legally required.
In addition, the MB Group has a system that allows employees to consult with resident health care professionals on diagnosis results and mental health, etc. at all times.
Special Leave System
In addition to annual paid holidays, MIM offers a special leave system (Season vacation system). MIM offer a Expired annual paid holidays reserve system.
Child-care Leave System

MIM is promoting compatibility between employees' child-care and work by providing leave systems etc. for employees' childcare.

  • Child-care leave systems
  • Child-care leave allowance
  • Spouse maternity leave system
Child-care Short-time Work System
Employees living with and raising children below the age of 3 years can shorten their daily working hours.
Care Leave System
Employees are able to take care leave for family members in need of nursing care.

Promoting Respect for Human Rights and Diversity

Respect for Human Rights
In MIM's "Our Principles of Action," we stipulate respect for human rights as well as forbid discrimination and harassment.
We also stipulate prohibition of forced labor and prevention of overwork and child labor in the working rules. We respect human rights and it is our policy to not discriminate employees based on their beliefs, religion, age, gender, origin, mental and physical disabilities, etc. We believe that establishing a working environment where diversity-oriented human resources can be active will lead to improved business performance and contribute to social development, and for this reason we will work to formulate such an environment.
Promoting Women’s Participation

We are aiming for a workplace environment where each employee can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities and we are working on creating a pleasant working environment for women.
A child-care leave system and flexible working hours are provided and we promote active use of a short-time work system and paid holidays.

 (MIM’s data as of the end of fiscal 2016)
  • Percentage of full-time employees among all employees: 100%
  • Percentage of female employees: Approx. 30%
  • Percentage of female managers: 0%
  • Average number of years of employment Female employees: Approx. 5.5 years; Male employees: Approx. 6.6 years
  • Number of female directors: none
Labor-Management Relations / Collective Bargaining Agreement

We acknowledge the basic labor rights such as freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining stipulated in MIM's Working Rules, etc. Although note that at this time no labor union has been formed at MIM. Labor-management relations remain positive, and we have never implemented large-scale dismissals, nor have we experienced any merger or acquisition activity and accompanying restructuring.

In addition, MIM has concluded Labor-Management Agreements (36 Agreements) on overtime work with employees, and strives to support employees’ well-being and improve labor productivity by managing working hours appropriately.

Human Capital Development

Subsidy System for Qualifications
In order to improve employees' skills as professionals in the real estate fund business, MIM subsidizes the expense for acquiring licenses and qualifications by public and private organizations necessary for work.
Study and Training

We pursue various themes related to real estate investment management and ESG, such as real estate, finance, compliance, environment, diversity, etc., and provide training to improve employee knowledge and skills. Moreover, periodic training is conducted for managers to promote their progression into management.

  • Employee capacity development training time: Total of 12 hours per person (2016)
Personnel Evaluation and Close Feedback
We introduced a personnel evaluation system that evaluates employee performance and capacity from a multifaceted perspective, including efforts towards ESG. In the feedback, evaluators and the CEO discuss thoroughly beforehand to deliver precise and concrete content to employees. By clarifying the improvement points per person, we intend to improve their ability.